Robots and AI help design and build Swiss university 'floating


    Architecture and construction are slot often quite secluded. where technology and material trends no wonder Especially at the famous technical university ETH Zurich, to find projects that use AI and robotics in new ways to these arts. The automated design and construction they are experimenting

    with shows how homes and offices can be built decades from now.The project is a large planter sculpture "Hanging Garden" inspired by the legendary structure in ancient Babylon (coincidentally, it was my ancestor Robert Koldewey who excavated/looted the famous Ishtar Gate. to that place)

    Starting in 2019, Semiramis (named after the then Queen of Babylon) is a collaboration between human designers and AI. Architectural professors Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler, but the design was accomplished with basic requirements such as size, the need for watering. and construction model through a series of computer models and machine learning algorithms.