WoW The Burning Crusade PvP Overview

  •  Honor System, Arena System and Open-World Goals

    One of the major modifications The Burning Crusade brings to World of Warcraft is its PvP structure. Contrary to Classic WoW, that had PvP that was all based on one single system, The Burning Crusade spread PvP across various systems, thus reducing the barriers to entry and length of time needed to progress through the systems overall.

    The Burning Crusade introduces and lays the foundation of many systems that veteran WoW players know about. The most prominent includes the Arena System, which works in conjunction with the Honor System to help players acquire gear.

    Throughout The Burning Crusade, Honor Points are used to acquire entry-level PvP gear and PvP equipment from previous Seasons when the gameplay moves forward. The Arena Points are used to buy superior PvP gear from both the past and current Seasons. There are clear connections to this system in contemporary WoW and in the source of inspiration for retailers' Honor and Conquest points system.


    The Honor and Arena Points do not decay. You can save your points for as long as you like up to the point cap.

    You must be at 10 in level to get into Warsong Gulch, 20 for Arathi Basin, 51 for Alterac Valley, and 61 for Eye of the Storm. The minimum level for Arena fight is 70.

    World PvP can be accessed in any contested area within the game world. Battlegrounds and Arenas are accessed through special NPCs found mainly within capital city.

    Most of the best reward for PvP are Arena rewards, however there are many epic rewards available with Honor , too.

    Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley, and Arathi Basin offer special rewards starting at levels below 70.

    The size of the team is determined by the battleground, and Arena Teams are separated into brackets based on their size.

    The Arena team's only founding participant is responsible for the start-up fee that varies based on the size of the team.

    Honor System

    It is the Burning Crusade Honor System is like the Honor System existing in Classic The game, where players earn honour based on diverse PvP activities that they complete in World PvP, to Battlegrounds. The difference now is in that rather than unlocking purchaseable gear based on your ranking the Honor Points you earn are now used to purchase Honor Points to purchase items.

    The gear you can purchase differs based on the content is avaialble, but it is intended to cover the basics of PvP gear giving players the ability to build characters outside of Arenas.

    Arena System

    The Arena System is the main method of preparing for The Burning Crusade. Arenas are PvP scenarios in which teams of 2, 3 or 5 players compete each other to see who is completely defeated. To participate to play in the Arena Match, players must be members of an Arena Team. Each Arena Team has a rating associated with it, which is which is shared by all players of the team.

    Arena Rating

    Each team has a Team Rating. This rating shows how your team is performing in the Arena System; the higher your rating is, the higher. When you wait to be a part of an event the matchmaking system utilizes your rating to find a suitable match. Each time you win during a match, your score rises, and every when you lose a game the rating drops. The amount at how much your rating is affected is dependent on your team's performance relative to the opposition's rating. For instance, if you beat against a better-ranked team, your rating will improve more than if you beat the team that is weaker. In the same way, losing to a weaker team will hurt the rating of your opponent more so than losing against superior enemies. The exact formulae are a little more complex than that, however the concept is similar to the Elo ranking system, which is commonly used for professional Chess.

    After the conclusion of each week the Team Rating is utilized to calculate the amount of Arena Points your team will receive for the week. Your team must be involved in at least ten games each week to earn with Arena Points, and a player must have participated participating in at least 30 percent of your matches to earn that week's points. It is important to know that the points you receive during a particular week are solely determined by one team, not a combination of all your teams. The team you're a part of that will receive the most points once taking into account Team Rating and team type becomes the sole source for your points for the week.

    The transformation from your Team Rating to Arena Points starts off as an unidirectional function, but once you go beyond a certain rating threshold, the function becomes logistic. This means you'll get a substantial increase in payback as your Team Rating rises above a certain threshold and the higher end of ratings ultimately see a decrease in the amount of bang they get for their buck. Additionally, 2v2 and 3v3 teams can be subject to a handicap where they receive lower points than a 5v5 team with the same Team Rating.

    Arena Gear

    One of the most important aspects of PvP in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic is the set of tiers. These class specific items match aesthetically and provide powerful bonuses to your character when worn together. Sets from Season 1. Sets are the very first PvP tier that can be bought for Burning Crusade Classic PvP.

    Arena Special Rewards

    One very cool aspect of one of the most exciting aspects of Arena System is the introduction of seasons. Each season can last for several months and at the end of the season, best teams are rewarded with unique prizes like title titles, special horses or any other prize that the season's promoters believe is worthy of the highest level of gladiators.

    The most successful 0.1% of Arena teams in each region will be awarded a Swift Nether Drake at the final day season Arena season. It will also be awarded a permanent Gladiator title that is based on the season. This amazing mount is faster than other epic mounts , with a 310% speed of flight!

    The titles will last until the end of the following season, when they are removed and distributed to the teams that were the top of the season. Gladiator at the End of Season awards players with permanent titles, in accordance with the Season. Season 1 awards players with the title of Infernal Gladiator.

    Arena Gear Catch-Up

    The start of every Arena season is followed by an entirely new set of Arena rewards which are slightly more potent than the rewards from the previous season. For instance, at the start of Arena Season 2, new Arena Season 2 rewards became accessible for purchase at Arena retailers. If you had Arena points saved at the beginning of the season could buy some of the new items right away. The items from previous seasons can be purchased at a slight discount. The beginning of Arena Season 3, Season 1's rewards can be purchased with honor points instead of arena points.

    Open-World PvP Objectives

    In the midst of Outland will be important strategic zones for both factions. Controlling these areas will often provide tangible benefit to those who fight for their group in the form of bonuses that are a part of the zone. There'll also be plenty in the way of material motivations to get involved in these wars. Powerful weapons or armor, precious stones, and recipes are among the rewards to the valorous.

    Hellfire Peninsula

    The World PvP in Hellfire Peninsula is centered around three areas of focus: The Overlook, The Stadium, the Stadium and Broken Hill. All three locations are just west to Hellfire Citadel in the center of the zone. The goal that each group has is to take control of the most towers possible, as the side that is in control of all three locations will receive a zone-wide buff of 5% increased damage. This buff is given to all of the ruling faction currently in each of the instances Hellfire Peninsula and the instances of Hellfire Citadel.

    When you take on players from the opposing faction, you'll receive Marks of Honor or Thrallmar Hold. These marks are used as currency for rewards in the Hellfire Peninsula PVP rewards. The Marks can be exchanged for rewards by contacting your quartermaster NPC at Thrallmar Or Honor Hold.


    Zangarmarsh's tranquil pools and streams and the soft glow of phosphorescence emanating from the native flora and fauna, combine to create a tranquil atmosphere that is a great contrast to the intense battles expected to take place. In their war effort both factions are seeking to control the Draenei structures known in the form of Twin Spire Ruins due to their strategic importance within the region. Twin Spire Ruins comprise of three buildings that are located on the southern shores of Serpent Lake. The area surrounding Twin Spire Ruins is designated as a different World PvP zone, in which Horde as well as Alliance players will compete for the area's control. To be able to control the region, each side must capture the beacons located on the east and west sides, before bringing their flag to the central tower. Once the tower is in your control, the graveyard in Twin Spire Ruins will be available to the faction of your choice and a buff across the entire zone will benefit your group, and you'll be able to purchase token-based rewards through special NPCs.

    If one side has taken control of the central tower, they will gain acces to the Graveyard in Twin Spire Ruins. Furthermore, all members of the faction that controls it will receive the benefit of a zone-wide +5% damage boost. Honorable kills that take place in the sub-zone of Twin Spire Ruins will be rewarded with a single token for the correct faction. These tokens are able to be traded to Field Scouts. Field Scouts for special items. The same tokens which are earned in Hellfire Peninsula's World of PvP (Marks of Thrallmar and Marks of Honor Hold), therefore they are able to be exchanged at both locations to earn rewards.