The main issue is just that, what can you do

  • Additionally, to be precise, I believe runescape does not have a RS gold great endgame, aside from personal accomplishment. If you don't get the accomplishment, you're taking out runescape tbh.

    These are valid concerns, particularly in relation to the removal of large chunks of content and the need for big goals for content. However, I would disagree with your point about quests: it might have been the case once, but it isn't any more that a player at 70+ is able to complete every quest. Since quests are the main reason I raise my abilities, it's extremely important. I've observed a significant increase in the skill sets I require. A quest cape will need the 76th defense and constitution, mining, timbercutting and crafting, 77 agility, strength, attack and power, 80 magic, and 74smithing, theft, and firemaking.

    None of them can be boosted in any way, and at the high level, they take perhaps two times as long as the requirements that are less than 70. Each of them is a sequel to quests which I have achieved easily at 70ish stats. This is why I think that runescape makes it harder for players to reach certain areas. It doesn't seem fair.

    I would rather see skills, such as dungeoneering which require the use of skills (and perhaps a strong team, which I think it is an interesting and revolutionary concept), and to see these principles being applied in other fields. Agility would be far more enjoyable and better-played if it were skill-based and something you could get fast xp rates.

    Although it won't change the gameplay any easier, it would increase the time required to complete it. As you mentioned, the game itself is quite simple. It takes way too long. You'll have a better experience by making it more difficult but more quickly.

    In all honesty, I'm not sure, I don't really like the grind either, which Jagex will be releasing with EoC to (hopefully) solve the issue. Personally, I'm fine with EoC and none EoC. What I'm looking for is for them to reduce the number of swifts, goliaths, and spellcasters. I'm grateful to anyone who got an eoc.

    The main issue is just that, what can you do to stop the grind? My suggestion would be to have more XP content, but that it be in the form of an instance. This ensures that you don't get smashed to death. This is sort of similar to Dungeoneering. High-level content might provide you with buy RuneScape gold food/pots or provide you with enough money to buy food/pots.They only need to make sure that it's not easily contaminated.