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  • If you compare warehouse operations today to those performed 10-15 years ago, you will notice that they are significantly more technical in nature. Because of the plan that had been put in place, which made greater use of technology, it was possible to complete operator training in hours rather than weeks, as opposed to weeks previously. The ergonomics and safety of Parts Town's employees have improved as a result of the reduction of walking, Overhead Monorail Conveyor definition of workstations, the elimination of bending at work, and the elimination of ladders from automated storage workplace, among other measures.

    Your company's objectives or mission statement should be communicated to your employees in a clear and concise manner, according to best practices. It is critical to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current situation. Employers should be provided with opportunities to strengthen their belief in the company's mission and understanding of how that mission relates to their specific job responsibilities by providing them with those opportunities. Your personal and professional objectives will become a powerful combination if you are able to bring them together successfully.

    Based on Automated Storage And Retrieval System use of item images displayed on the screen, Illumipick to highlight bin sections, and pick-to-light to facilitate efficient operator picking, Bastian Solutions was successful in increasing order accuracy at the AutoStore workstation. Working with visual cues made it possible to complete the task at hand in a more efficient and accurate manner. Because of Conveyors inherent modularity of AutoStore, it was possible to scale the business as it grew, by adding bins for additional storage, robots for faster picking, and workstations for increased volume as needed to meet the demands of the growing business.