The best way to improve "My Name" is to perform various jobs

  • If you choose to Nba 2k22 Mt participate in the NBA but not be a player, the player cannot be admitted to the school again , and then participate in the G-League in the event that you choose joining the G-League, you can continue to be a part of the NBA after you have completed a season, but cannot return to this league in college. If you select a university where you are able to play all three possibilities.

    Therefore, if players want to gain the most experience or are looking to test the strength of their character in itself, it is suggested to choose the college league in the initial stages, then G-League then join the NBA. In addition, if you triumph in the college championship you will not only be able to earn a championship badge, but the character get an extra skill badge, but also a badge of honor.

    It will also ensure that the character will qualify for the initial phase of NBA draft, which also implies that the player will join a team with more power and receive a better salary for each game (VC Coin) which means that there is the possibility of a greater chance of reaching the playoffs, and ultimately winning the championship.

    If they are successful in winning both the University or G-League, the character can be granted additional powers. Increase your passion "My Image" to attract sponsors. Beyond the ability parameters that characterize the character, they will include additional "My Brand" values ? For example "fashion" or "music".

    If the ball game is finished or the specified task is completed, the value will gain an amount of experience and will increase the value. It is believed that these "personal interest"-style ability points are mainly utilized to find sponsors. When the value has reached an appropriate level where the character has the ability to sign with the sponsor, collect additional appearance fees and boost the VC Coin that can be earned.

    The best way to 2k22 mt buy improve "My Name" is to perform various jobs in the city. Pay attention to the evaluation of your teammates in the game. If you do manage to get a strong team in the NBA draft, it does not mean your career is going well.