There bigger and worse problems exist

  • It's true that I don't get asked questions about my skills when learning. I prefer to RuneScape Gold talk to the clan in the clanchat, so I don’t chat in the open. Here I am, trying my hand at silently playing a mouse.

    After asking me several times what my level was, they assume that I am a bot because I am not talking. They report me, and then I am sexually assaulted and sometimes really good. But, they do not stop me from learning my abilities.

    I'm not marking, so I don't get any sanction. Yet, I get the felling that there's a lot of fear around this whole marcoing thing and Jagex is driving the train too fast for it to be effective. Every where I visit the Jagex site, there is some sort of Anti Marcoing ad, or there's a blog about the issue of reporting Bots.

    This has led to the assumption that anyone who doesn't respond to their stupid questions (which can be easily found by looking up the high scores page) is a bot. And I understand that macroing is in all ways likely to be a problem, but why all the effort to solve one problem? There are a lot of other problems that need to be addressed. For instance, fraudulent players and scams are just one of the many problems that need to be solved. Jagex has created unnecessary fear.

    This is, to be honest, very similar to the fear of terrorism created by governments and media. Although it is happening, it does not happen every day. There bigger and worse problems exist. Carl Schmitt believes that to have a society that is a good one, you must have a negative image. So do you think Jagex trying to turn us honest player aginst each other to help better the society or do they want to Buy RS3 Gold help us by making us think that people with their public chat off are enemies of the game? I'm against it, but enough is enough.