Questions for all Runescape players

  • The speed that your character is able to OSRS Items gather Runescape resources is determined by: (1) your level of skill The more advanced your mining skills the more quickly you can mine ore. The greater your woodcutting level, the quicker you can obtain logs; the greater your fishing level, the faster you catch fish when fishing; and (2) the rate at the rate you mine ore and obtain logs is also dependent on the type of pickaxe / hatchet you use.

    It seems that the initial rocks I mine when I haven’t been mining for a while due to me working on one of my other abilities, are very slow. I then get back to mining at a normal rate. It's the same with woodcutting. I find that it takes me a while to collect the first few logs, but after that I can start to get logs at normal rates.

    Question #1. Have you observed the same phenomenon. It is possible that your character hasn't mastered a skill in a while and it's "rusty". However, after the first few logs/ores, the character's speed returns to normal.

    Question #2 is: Is there an Runescape subprogram that, if your character hasn't mastered a skill in a while the rate of resource gathering will return to normal. This is determined only by your skill level and the type of tool/pickaxe and the level of your skill.

    You are just wrongly using it. Magic, in essence, is not to be used like Range and Melee is. Range and Melee can only hit one target at Buy OSRS Fire Cape a given time however, magic (using Ancients) can hit multiple targets at once.