Also , I'd like to share with to this guide for leveling

  • Yes... getting leveled in WoW until Cataclysm had many aspects that WOW TBC Classic Gold slow the game down. It is essential to drink water and eat food after a few pulls particularly at the beginning. Also, you must be aware of the possibility of dying a lot. In the past, there was a guide to leveling which claimed to get players to level 60 (or 70 in tbc) in five days / played (so 120 hours) and was deemed rapid. It's certainly taking a lot of time.

    It's classic...mana is essential. This is not a near infinite dps bar like retail. This is what all classic players would prefer. Each mob should be close to the player controlling it minimum 70 percent. Believe it or not (played through the entire the classic) TBC seems WAY easier and less harsh with mob damage as well as mana regen. Even leveling seems easier to me.

    It's a stupid question but, did you ever receive a hunter trainer quest animal? Hunter is among the most simple classes to reach level, and probably the easiest of you are completely new to the game and that's because you have a pet who is subjected to punishment from every mob as well as your character. If you've got pets, is it possible that he can't hold aggro? Remember that if your pet is struggling, don't simply go with it. You'll end up overaggrossing your pet. There's a rhythm when you kill mobs alone that you must experience it. Even though it seems slow, it's because WoW was designed to be slow. You can't beat mobs by yourself unless you utilize certain methods, such as the dungeon booster. I don't recommend for new players.

    In my other post, I said that I wouldn't suggest this to anyone unless they are proficient players who can fully immerse their lives in RPG's and do not rush to reach limitless levels. You don't appear to be one of them, so I recommend you take a look at Questie. I'm certain there will be an tutorial on YouTube how to install it.

    Also , I'd like to share with to this guide for leveling hunters although it's much higher levels than you are right now and if you've got spare time to check it out, you might be able to gain useful information about the class concepts and maybe try and adapt the guide to your specific levels. If you skip the intro, you'll likely be able understand how it functions at higher levels.

    It's not that difficult however patience is the key. Unless playing specific classes/builds, you're only allowed to pull one mob at a time in a perfect manner, from a distance and into a safe spot that you will not hurt anyone else. In case you are bitten by another mob, ensure that your class has all the necessary tools to take it down. Though killing one mob might be a quick process and you'll need to cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold automatically attack, and most of the time afk while doing so since there's no other resource available, that's the reason why some players love. It's a slow game.