It's not the way I see it will occur

  • This is useful to fight the Abyssal creatures, since your combat statistics will decrease when you enter the maze. Find the center and you'll be able to see Salarin grab some materials. It is revealed that he utilizes the center as a type of bank. He's Salarin the Twisted. He Teleports out, and then the RS gold maze changes. Go back to the entrance, pass through, and you will be able to see the Chaos Druids sipping something. What is it? Is it an elixir? Is the world ending?

    Brothers Brothers, look! I've told you that there's nothing better than Cream of Escargot. This is it. Lucien will appear and ask if they've got the potion. Salarin will say that they were given a brief notice. Lucien will be furious and shoot some Druids. When Lucien has gone, you will hide behind the wall. You will be wearing Zamorak costumes when Lucien has gone. You can find them in the Chaos Druids' graves before they died. Then, talk to Salarin. Offer to help make the potion, but make sure to ask what it is.

    Salarin: Lucien came here a week ago and said he was dizzy. He was just defeated by eight men who had assaulted him without a reason and killed six of them. Anyway, he said it was the first time he felt this satisfied since he had mated some of the energy in the Staff of Armadyl with himself in order to rid himself from the Curse of, well, you know.

    The patient needs to be treated according to what I had said prior to your interruption. Therefore, I'm planning to offer him a potion made of my favorite herb Zamorak wine and some of the berries that ogres seem have a lot. This key will enable you to access the herb. The key will be bent. Salarina Torstol, Wine of Zamorak and Jangerberries are all you require. You can hide behind the statue, and wait for Lucien to come in.

    Are you prepared to use my potion? Here it is. It's good. It's time to start with your crucial business. This stone was the greatest disappointment of all time. If I ever find Movario I'll ask him how to use it or it will be a centerpiece in my new home. To reach my goal I'm thinking that I'll try to steal the strength of Seren.

    It's not the way I see it will occur. Because a lot of Zamorakians do not agree about whether or not you should adopt this stand, I don’t believe Iorworth will allow you... Iorworth. Who would have believed I'd be so? I will just absorb Seren’s power from afar. It must be an ideal spot. Perhaps Movario will be able to tell you. All I need to do is find the coward.

    Mission 5 - Takeout. Sir Tiffy got an accurate tip regarding a thief who was stealing costly Karamjan mahogany. The thief will be able to teleport you to the ship, where you are to capture the criminal. You can find wire by searching the shelves. Check the tool pile for a hammer and some nails made of bronze. Set up a tripwire trap by using these and an empty crate. You must stay still for at minimum two minutes to buy OSRS gold complete the mission. The criminal will be caught, mission complete.