The baby bottle warmer eliminates the panic of preparing baby f

  • Some people say that she doesn't need a bottle warmer, which is indeed of course for some families. But it is essential for families with babies. Just as it is easier to cook rice in a rice cooker than it is to cook rice in a pot, formula milk, breast milk and baby food can be easily poured into a baby bottle Warmer, which saves most of the busyness of preparing baby food.

    Perfectly matched with the kitchen equipped with stylish appliances, the appearance is modern and interesting. The device uses the steam inside its sphere to heat baby bottles and baby food cans (the cans have a separate basket), and automatically close after the heating cycle is complete.

    UV Light Sanitizer Box

    Linda Lee, UV Angel's environmental health expert and chief medical affairs and science officer, said that UV light and chemicals such as bleach or ethanol are equally effective for surface disinfection. She recommends that you use any available cleaning method, but should point out that in some cases, uv light sanitizer box will be better. She said: "For baby pacifiers, for example, chemical treatment may be difficult because the way the chemicals work will leave residues and continue to treat the surface." Therefore, perhaps do not scrub the baby's pacifier with a Clorox wipe. Then return it to them. Compared with wet wipes or paper towels, another benefit of UV is that it can reduce waste. Although Linda Lee has not yet tested the product, Munchkin claims to have passed rigorous testing by an independent laboratory.

    There are also some water bottles and bottle caps that can use ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria in the water, reduce odors, and in some cases make the water safer to drink. The Deputy Director of Audience Development Strategist Stephanie Downes (Stephanie Downes) lacks immunity due to her own Crohn's disease and is particularly sensitive to bacteria. Several kettles with built-in filters are not immune to her. After it worked, she got the Larq kettle as a gift from her sister. She said: "Because of Crohn, I can't drink from the tap. At home, I have a Berkey filter, but when I go out, I can take it with me so I can pour tap water. Press the button and drink." In order to disinfect the water in a cheaper way, you can buy UV caps that fit most S-shaped well-shaped water bottles.