Height Control Of 20l Barrel Mould

  • The 20L Bucket Mould is our main product. The eccentricity problem and design points of the barrel mold are summarized as follows:

    It seems that the mold of a barrel is very simple, but there are many factors to consider. Let me talk about the points that need attention in the design of barrel mold.

    The analysis of the uneven barrel wall thickness caused by the eccentricity of the barrel mold is as follows: 1. If the cooling water flows unevenly in each area of ​​the core cavity of the barrel mold, it will cause a difference in the flow of the molten plastic, and the hotter the area, the more fluidity will be Larger, the colder the area will have less fluidity, making the barrel wall thicker in the hotter area. Under normal circumstances, different temperatures will cause a tolerance of at least 0.05mm. 2. Generally speaking, the height of the zero-degree four Buick lock of the bucket mold should be 20%-30% of the height of the plastic bucket, for example, the smaller bucket should be 20%, and the larger bucket mold should be about 30% high. 3. When we do core and cavity processing of barrel molds, we must pay special attention to selecting processing equipment

    The mold design of the 18L Bucket Mould is the same.