Don't Throw Away The Used Paint Bucket Molds

  • Bucket Moulds bring convenience to the transportation of paint, but how to deal with these abandoned bucket molds after use?

    Paint buckets cannot be littered after use, because they belong to construction waste, and paint belongs to chemical products. Throwing them randomly will pollute the environment. It cannot be used cleanly, and it cannot be used to store food to avoid harm to the body.

    1. Ensure that the transportation vehicles are in good condition.
    2. Construction waste: waste oil barrels, waste paint barrels, waste fire extinguisher cans, waste plastic cloth, waste chemical materials and their packaging, waste glass cloth. Dispose of in accordance with relevant regulations, and shall not discharge them at will.
    3. Try to maximize the recycling of waste and not cause secondary pollution.

    According to national laws and regulations, waste paint packaging barrels are hazardous wastes and need to be recycled by qualified waste processors. However, the number of waste paint buckets is huge, ranging from 1.5kg to 2k for a single paint bucket, which requires a lot of processing costs in accordance with the treatment of hazardous waste.

    The above is how to deal with the waste bucket of the Paint Bucket Mould, for reference only.