General Materials Used In Barrel Molds

  • Plastic paint buckets are produced by Bucket Moulds. The plastic buckets used in daily production and life are blow-molded and injection molded from a variety of materials. The materials used are different, and their applicable fields are different.

    The plastic buckets produced by Paint Bucket Moulds generally use the following materials:

    1. Polyethylene film

    Lightweight and transparent, it has the properties of moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, and excellent heat sealability. It is known as the "flower of plastic" and is a commonly used material for plastic packaging and printing. Polyethylene is the main raw material for the production of plastic barrels.

    Two, shrink film

    It is a thermoplastic film that is stretched and oriented during the production process, and shrinks when it is subjected to hot air treatment or infrared radiation during use.

    Three, polyvinyl chloride

    It is the most important category of vinyl polymers and the second largest plastic variety in the world after polyethylene.

    Four, high density polyethylene

    The density is 0.941~0.965g/cm3. It is polymerized by low pressure, so it is also called low pressure polyethylene. It is milky white, indicating poor gloss. The film can be processed by blow molding and T die extrusion process.

    Five, low density polyethylene

    LDPE for short is the most used variety in the plastic packaging and printing industry in various countries. The specific gravity is 0.92~0.93, which can float on water.

    Different materials used in the production of plastic barrels have different performances, and of course, their scope of application is also different. Therefore, when we actually purchase, we can choose the appropriate plastic barrel material according to the characteristics of the material.