Basket Mold Has High Degree Of Automation


    We are one of the professional plastic mold manufacturers, among which Basket Moulds are our products. For household plastic molds, basket molds cover a wide range. Such as plastic laundry basket mould, plastic picnic basket mould or plastic baby basket mould. The European market continues to grow to provide plastic rattan baskets, laundry baskets with rattan design, etc. The colorful laundry basket mold is also a very high precision mold. The following is an introduction to the parameters of the basket mold for specific products:
    Mold name: 80L basket mold
    Product size: 80L
    Product description: 80L basket
    Mold cavity number: 1 cavity
    Mold size: 800x800x980mm
    Applicable machine: Dakumar 1150T
    Main material of mould: P20
    Mold injection system: 1 point ANOLE tip gate
    Mold injection system: Stripping template on the injection side
    Mold cycle time: 30 seconds
    Mold operation: 800K
    Delivery time: 66 working days
    Mould features: high degree of automation. Mould structure is simple, cooling system is perfect, oil-water integrated device, use and operation are more convenient.
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