Advantages of LED floodlight factory


    Now you can buy almost everything online, including LED lights, fixtures and control systems. The Internet and e-commerce world has provided new distribution channels to everyone at lower product prices, which reflects a more efficient warehousing and delivery system. LED lighting is a relatively new technology. For many people, this is an untested and unfamiliar product with confusing industry terminology. Factory Direct LED, a leading online retailer of LED bulbs and fixtures, has prepared this guide to help consumers choose and purchase LED lights online.


    LEDs and traditional incandescent lamps are not equivalent products. If you are replacing an incandescent light bulb with an LED, you need to do more than replace the 60-watt incandescent light bulb with a 60-watt LED. LED lights are more efficient. A 10-watt LED lamp can produce the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb (in "lumens"). Make sure to order the correct bulb for each lighting application.


    The LEDs may not be equal to each other. LED light is a complex and versatile technology. For example, two LED bulbs each rated to produce the same amount of lumens can emit very different types of light, for example, one bulb produces warmer light and the other emits rougher or brighter lighting. Take some time to understand the Kelvin light temperature and color rendering index of the LED lamp you are considering, and choose the bulb that best meets your needs.
    Please use trusted online suppliers with professional knowledge to provide the required customer service. Many online LED light retailers compete only on price. Using complex LED technology, the lowest-priced LED bulb is probably not the most suitable bulb for all or even most applications. Choose a professional online LED retailer who understands LED technology and the many different types of LED lights available for each specific application.


    Take the time to plan and measure the area you will illuminate with LEDs. You can find LED lights with wide or narrow target light scattering patterns. In areas illuminated by a large number of incandescent bulbs or lighting equipment, using a smaller number of LEDs may be equally effective. In addition, LEDs are now more of a part of design than just hindsight that illuminates the design or layout. Before placing an order online, please carefully study the installation method and location of these lights.


    Consider how to use the space you want to illuminate. In a frequently active work space, it is better to use bright lighting, while areas designed for leisure (such as bedrooms) will feel better when using warm and soft lighting. Order different types of light bulbs for different spaces according to the usage of different spaces. Consider the physical dimensions of the bulbs to be ordered and ensure that they fit the existing fixtures. When you order online, your online LED retailer will not have this knowledge. You need to incorporate this knowledge into your order.

    Led Flood Light Factory direct sales of LEDs have met countless orders and helped many customers make the right decision when ordering LED lights online. For more information on how to order the right LED for lighting applications, please visit our website. We are an online retailer specializing in LED lighting technology. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through your decision-making process.