The role of powerful jammer

  • High Power Jammer, The jammers in the category are all higher power that we offer for you,all the products wide jamming radius.The high power blocker are mainly used in the large-scale places like school examination room,museum,factory,governmental buildings.The main purpose is to protect information security and important information of individuals or units.

    As the name implies, powerful jammer can jamming with more signals and more wide range, the more can guarantee information security. It can disturb the signals which we want availably.To ensure the validity of the scope,the high powerful blocker device is your best choice.They are not very large in terms of weight and volume, and most have portable features.So you don't have to worry about the weight.

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    Perfect to thwart or prevent terrorist attacks, or other crimes carried out by using any improvised explosive devices (IED) that is, explosives remotely controlled via radio impulse. Also suitable to protect areas of strategic interest against GSM-UMTS signals.

    One of the techniques mostly used by terrorist organizations for attacks against military or civilian targets is the one that massively uses the so-called “Improvised Explosive Devices” (IED), that is, radio-controlled explosives such as car bombs, suicide bombers, and in general any remotely operated ordnance.

    SESP’s very-high-power signal jammer, the 200S series, provides unparalleled anti-terror security and VIP protection in large sensitive locations, such as government facilities, military installations and embassies. 200S series jammers are also suitable for installation inside military shelters (operating from AC mains power).

    This type of jammers are used a lot in military and government organizations, and they do indeed play a huge role in maintaining everyone's security and countering terrorism.