Suitable Temperature For Oil-resistant V-belt

  • oil resistance V-Belts and high-temperature V-belts, as you know their names, are functional triangle belts. The oil and heat resistance characteristics of the V-belt (described as O&HR on the belt) are the traditional application requirements for the oil and heat resistance of the belt. Although it is defined in the RMA standard, the description is ambiguous. , Oil resistance and heat resistance are actually two different requirements of the belt, and should be separated.

    Oil resistance: occasional oil or grease splashing on the belt will not be too bad for ordinary belts. However, oil-resistant belts will not deteriorate quickly as long as the oil or grease is within a reasonable range. The oil or grease on any belt can cause the belt to slip and heat. Excessive oil contamination of petroleum products will cause the expansion of the rubber and the cohesive fall of the rubber components, which will cause the belt to break.

    Heat resistance: There is no well-defined temperature limit range in any scale to ensure satisfactory performance. However, a suitable application belt is usually said to have a temperature between -35°C and +60°C.

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