Digital Kwh Meter - Notes On The Selection Of Energy Meters


    When choosing a power meter, the current value du is the most important and most complicated. Generally, the following seven points should be paid attention to when choosing:
    1) Type selection;
    2) Choice of accuracy;
    3) Range selection;
    4) Selection of internal resistance;
    5) Correct wiring;
    6) Measurement of high voltage and large current;
    7) Enlargement of measuring range.

    Two indicators must be noted, one is the starting current, that is, the minimum current that can make the turntable rotate continuously; the second is the multiple of the maximum rated current relative to the basic current.

    In addition, there are differences in performance between old-fashioned meters and new-type meters. The old-type electric energy meters that are still in use in old houses currently have a relatively large starting current, generally (5% to 10%), and are marked on the dial surface of the new electric energy meter dial. Two current values, such as 5 (20A), on the one hand, when choosing this energy meter, it should be noted that the minimum current of the load cannot be lower than the starting current, ie 0.5%×≥5A=0.025A, on the other hand, the value of the current meter used for a long time Can not be higher than the maximum rated current value 20A.

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