Classification Of Electric Energy Meters


    1. According to the structure and working principle: induction type electric energy meter; electronic type electric energy meter.

    Electronic energy meters can be further divided into fully electronic energy meters and electromechanical integrated energy meters.

    2. According to the accuracy grade:

    Ordinary level: 0.2S, 0.2, 0.5S, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0 level, used to measure electrical energy.

    Precision level: 0.01, 0.05 level, mainly used as a calibration standard for verifying ordinary level energy meters.

    3. According to usage:

    (1) Active energy meter. Used to measure active energy.

    (2) Reactive energy meter. It is used to measure the reactive energy generated, supplied and used.

    (3) Prepaid electric energy meter. Prepaid energy meters are also known as quantitative energy meters and IC card energy meters. In addition to the measurement functions of ordinary energy meters, the special thing is that users buy electricity first, and then use electricity after buying electricity. If the electricity is used up, users do not continue to sell electricity. , It will automatically cut off the power supply to stop power supply.

    (4) Double-rate electric energy meter. The double-rate electric energy meter is an electric energy meter that measures the electricity consumption and total electricity consumption of each period according to the requirements of the specified period.

    (5) Multifunctional electric energy meter. In addition to measuring active (reactive) energy, it also has more than two functions, such as time sharing and measurement of demand, and an energy meter that can display, store, and output data.

    (6) Carrier energy meter. Carrier energy meter is an energy meter with carrier meter reading function.

    4. According to the nature of the connected power supply, it can be divided into: AC energy meter and DC energy meter.

    5. According to the installation and wiring method of the meter, it can be divided into: direct access type and indirect access type (access via transformer); where the measurement circuit is different, it is usually divided into single-phase energy meter and three-phase three-wire energy Meter and three-phase four-wire energy meter.

    6. According to the length of the average life, the single-phase induction energy meter is divided into: ordinary type and long life technical energy meter. According to the regulations, the ordinary induction electric energy meter shall be subjected to random inspection after 5 years of use, and rotation shall be conducted when the random inspection fails. The long-life technical energy meter refers to an inductive energy meter with an average unrepaired effective use time of 20 years or more.


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