Pay Attention To The Installation Of Quick Fitting


    When pushing the quick fitting onto the tubing, ensure that you have pushed the tubing in far enough that it has depressed the O-ring and sealed the fitting. If the fitting is only pushed in past the collet and has not created a seal, water will be able to bypass the collet’s teeth and exit out of the fitting. When the tubing reaches the collet, it does create resistance. This push back can lead you to think that you have pushed the tubing all the way into the quick-connect fitting, but, it may not have reached the O-ring.

    One of the best ways to ensure your tubing reaches all the way into the quick-connect fitting is to measure the tubing. Take out a ruler and measure out 3/8ths of an inch away from the mouth of the tubing you’re going to insert into the fitting. Using a marker, draw a line at the 3/8ths point. When you push the tube into the fitting, the tubing should go in far enough that the mark disappears completely under the collet. This way, you will know the tubing has pushed all the way past the collet and has made contact with the O-ring and formed a tight seal. If the tubing does not get pushed to the O-ring, it will leak. Wetting the tubing is another method to make sure the tubing slides all the way into the quick-connect fitting. Moisture will help the tube slide through the fitting to the O-ring.

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