Current status of mobile jammers in Canada

  • The federal government is scheduled to announce tomorrow that it will start a 90-day consultation period starting in April, when Canadians will be consulted on the use of mobile phone jammers.

    These devices (commonly referred to as cell phone jammer) contain a series of technologies that can disable mobile phones left on the phone or automatically switch them from sound mode to vibration mode during a call. Jammers are illegal in Canada and, in addition to being used by law enforcement officers and public safety officials, they may be popular among operators of restaurants, movie theaters and other large public gathering places.

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    In the wireless industry, some wireless experts and officials in the United States expressed that they worry that these interfering devices will inevitably affect wireless devices used outside the predetermined area. However, the technology company says that jammers are now advanced enough that they can be very precise and can be equipped with panels to redirect the jamming signals, which might otherwise overflow beyond the expected area. The manufacturer said that the jammer can be adjusted to a frequency used only for mobile phones, so notebook computers and other wireless devices will not be affected.

    Canada's decision to allow wifi jammer is the latest move to try to bring more orders to the wireless industry. The popularity of this technology field exceeds the ability of regulators to control its use.

    Many hospitals, airports, and concert halls post signs asking customers to turn off their phones, but for those who see noisy callers and smokers who refuse to remove cigarette butts from the crowd, voluntary restrictions are not enough.

    Signal jammers are illegal unless you are an operator who has the right to have a licensed jammer. This is due to the risks they bring to the public by disrupting basic communications. Despite federal laws, criminals may still illegally obtain these devices and use them for their own purposes. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how these transmitters affect your safety and what measures can be taken to protect yourself.